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Damon Salvatore

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Blood Ties (4)
Amanda stretched like a sated cat and leaned in, placing her head on my chest, her fingers skimmed across my naked side and hip.
“I’m afraid you can’t sleep in.”
Truthfully, I wasn’t going to, but the statement came as a surprise. “Let me guess, your husband’s coming back from his business trip tonight?”
She laughed and propped her chin on her folded hands on my chest, her eyes locked with mine. “New Orleans changed in the last few years. It’s nothing like it used to be. Now all magical activity is strictly monitored – and don’t ask me how – but they’re never wrong. I wish I knew how Marcel does it…”
“He’s the self-proclaimed king of the town. A vampire. And don’t get me wrong, New Orleans is a safe place. Those witches who live here are protected and cared for, but the limitations and boundaries piss me off. We live under the constant surveillance. So, it was a mistake to lure you in, but I couldn’t help myself when I saw you in the bar.” She smiled, stroking my cheek, a naughty spark in her eye. “I caved to my memories.”
I smirked. “You didn’t lure me here, I came on my own. And I can take you with me to Vegas. You’ll find it easier to breathe there.”
Her face darkened with sadness. “I’m afraid I missed that opportunity for good fifteen years, I shouldn’t have refused then. I was too accustomed to this place, and I didn’t see myself anywhere else. But now…” She sighed and shook her head, pushing off the mattress to get out of bed. “Doesn’t matter. I have to stay here. Now it’s truly the only place I can be.” She dropped my clothes on the edge of the bed and smiled over her shoulder before heading out of the room, tying the belt of her robe. “I’ll make some coffee.”
Her short story weighed heavily on my mind as I got dressed. Butting in anyone’s business was too far from my plans – hell, I didn’t even have any particular plans, just getting as far as I could from Mystic Falls for starters. But I sympathized with her complaints. Seemed somewhat Klaus-like whatever this Marcel guy was doing here. It made me want to get away from this place as well. Too bad I couldn’t help Amanda.
She handed me a cup of hot coffee with cinnamon as she loved it and we drank in silence.
“I’m sorry I have to shove you out, but the last thing I want is you getting into trouble,” she said and rinsed her cup, then took mine from me.
“They care who you sleep with?”
A wickedly amused smile curved her lips. “You know witches, they scheme best in bed.”
She walked me to the door and gave me a sensual kiss in the hallway. “I’ll miss you.”
“Ditto. I’ll drop by sometime. Call me when you want me to steal you away.”
“Will do,” she laughed. Then suddenly her smile slipped off, her eyes widened. She grasped the flap of my jacket and jerked me away from the door as I reached for the door handle. “No. The house’s being watched.” I peered at her with both confusion and interest. It started to remind of a spy movie.
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