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Damon Salvatore

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Blood Ties (5)
The horror reflected on Amanda’s face when whoever surrounded her house came to knock on her door was so sheer that it almost made me laugh out loud. She jerked at my jacket, dragging me across the hallway back to the stairs.
“My bedroom,” she mouthed, her index finger pointing upstairs as her eyes glared at me for a long moment before she scurried to open the door. I didn’t appreciate being pushed around, but recognized it wasn’t exactly my call to endanger her any more than I already did. I obeyed. It didn’t stop me from eavesdropping, though. After the door opened, I heard Amanda’s yawn.
“What is it?” she demanded.
“Sorry for intrusion, Miss Whitlow,” a male voice said. “Are you alone tonight?”
“I wouldn’t open if I weren’t. Is that all? I need my beauty sleep.” Harsh, dry tone. I wondered who was more pissed, them or her, by now.
“You’ll have to excuse us, ma’am,” another voice intruded, and I heard the firm footfalls of a sturdy male sauntering in, followed by his pal. “We can’t leave it unchecked. You…” he paused, searching for words, “…don’t smell yourself.” His companion barked a laugh, as he did.
“I want to see the written order to search my premises,” Amanda said in high tones. If I could hear more of fear than anger in her voice, they had certainly caught the clue.
“You worry too much, Miss,” the first one said in a honeyed intonation. “Let us serve and protect.”
Their footfalls headed directly to the stairs. “Run!” exploded in my brain abruptly – Amanda’s telepathic message thrust a sharp ache into my temples right away, making me stagger a little and press my fingers to my head to soothe the effect. The guards were trotting off the stairs, already in the hallway. I glanced around at the window, but playing a spooked lover was never in my list of must-do's. I caught the first one by surprise as he opened the door and enjoyed the almost comical what-the-fuck expression on his face as I yanked his heart out and shoved it into his pal’s face, while the first one was busy folding down to fall. Over his dead body, before the second one cleared his eyes from his friend’s blood, I dropped the second heart on the floor and dashed downstairs.
Amanda met me in the middle of the stairs. She clapped her hands to her mouth, gaping at my bloody hands. “Oh no…” she muttered into her fingers and slowly directed her wide-eyed gaze to my eyes. “Run,” her silent message rang in my head again, eliciting a slight wince. “Run and don’t stop till you’re out of town.”
“Come with me,” I mouthed. She shook her head frantically and pulled her palms up to cover her face. She shook her head again. I had no place to force her.
I took another moment to snatch a bunch of paper towels on my way out and did as she asked, taking advantage of my speed. Although, I didn’t run to the outer limits of the town. I wasn’t up for leaving my car behind. It was still parked a few blocks from French 75 Bar. I discarded the bloodied towels in the nearest dumpster, got into the Camaro and let out an exasperated sigh. Way to go for a vacation start, Damon. Way to go.
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